This afternoon is the big Olympic Ice Hockey final game: Canada vs. USA. I could go either way on those teams so I guess I’ll be a winner either way! Let the best team win!

Storm Damage

We had a big storm here last night on the island with gusts over 85 miles per hour. Since the ground is partially thawed and we got lots of rain the shallow rooted spruce trees just let go. The first four photos are from an “estate” I work at. They lost 40 or more trees. The last picture is on my family’s land right near where I live. An acre or two of trees were flattened there – the picture doesn’t really give you a sense of the vast scale of destruction. A lot of trees blew down just below my house on the hill towards the ocean (and took out all the power lines too) ¬†– yet with all this destruction very near by I only lost maybe 5 trees in my yard. This little lumberjack has got his work cut out for him that’s for sure!

Lovers Once But Strangers Now

Through the magic of Facebook my very first boyfriend just got in touch with me after having no contact with each other since the early 1980’s. Nice to know he’s alive, happily married, and lives in Canada.


Looking at this image I can’t help but get wistful about those evenings spent back in the 80’s at the old Hofbrau Haus in Montreal – a huge German themed beer hall with a circular, rotating stage in the middle¬† with an oompah band in lederhosens and plump, old, and mean German waitresses slamming schnapps dispensers down on the tables and rattling all the beer mugs and pitchers…