10,000 hits

Wow – this blog has now been viewed more than 10,000 individual times by people other than me. I started it so that I could share funny, interesting, or beautiful images I find surfing the ‘net (and a few photos here and there that I took) with a couple of friends… and it has since blossomed. It is by no means a private blog, everyone is welcome! But I’m not promoting it and linking it elsewhere since it’s never been about ego, competition, or the need to be “big”. Feel free to link to this blog if you’d like, I’m touched, really I am.

Seems like a good moment to post again that I do not claim that I created or own any of the images, clips, or songs that are posted here (unless I specifically said “I took this photo” or “I designed that”). I try to give credit where I can but often I haven’t a clue who created any specific image. I understand that most people at least mention or link to the site they found the image on but 1) I go to so many sites and I could never remember what came from where, 2) Where ever I did find the image most likely got it from another site and they from another site so there’s no point in giving credit to the site I found it on since they most likely didn’t create the image either, 3) I have major short term memory issues, and 4) Many sites I visit mix “general audience” pictures with some porn and I don’t want this blog to be about porn or linking to sites with porn (nothing against it, but it just isn’t what this blog is about).

 If you see an image on this blog that you created, own, or have the copyright for and want it credited to you or removed please let me know in the comment section. I do not make any money off this site or accept advertising. Feel free to re-post any image I created.

OK, well, that’s all I wanted to say. This is an image blog not a writing and ranting blog. Have fun! Be safe! Be kind! And push that envelope just as far as you can!

~ Matthew

I love New York!

Welcome to the progressive future, New York! Now there is marriage equality from the North Pole to the New Jersey border, excepting Maine (where it is legal to marry your first cousin but not your gay lover) and Rhode Island.