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  1. Hi, I’m Matthew. I’m a 46 year old gay man living on an island somewhere between Boston and the North Pole.

    This blog is intended primarily to share the wealth of images, videos, etc. I’ve come across on the internet with a few friends. But since this is “out there” on the web I guess anyone can see it too.

    Except for the occasional photo of my own most of these images, GIFs, and videos I did not create and I do not imply any ownership of them. If you are the owner of any copyrighted image I’ve posted and want it removed please let me know. I don’t have any advertising on this blog and do not make any money from this site.

    This site is Rated “R”

    Fasten your seat belts!

    • Hello Mathew, I just came across your site and have been staring at all the images here for about 2 hours now! I love them and thank you for posting such great old photos, ads and of course all the gays! love it!

      from sf bay area.

    • Your site is quite inspiring. The combination of exceptional photography and culture both modern and vintage is unique. In regard to the mystery sailor you posted on the 15th, you’re right, it is a publicity photo and I believe it is actor Bob Crane, best known for of all things, Hogan’s Heroes. He was evidently quite the wild soul off camera, an alleged bisexual swinger and was murdered under very mysterious circumstances. There were sordid rumors at the time of an SM scenario gone wrong. I don’t think anyone really knows to this day and it’s quite possible by this time that anyone who did know the truth have taken it with them to the next realm.

      • Thanks, Terry! Hope you have a great season too. Will be posting a bunch of holiday stuff over the next few weeks but my holiday spirit hasn’t quite made it up to “critical mass” stage yet.

    • Hi matthew do you know anymore about the photos of the men in drag from 1800 – I know the top one is an Albanian image of a man dressed in female catholic clothing, but not the others, if you have any info would be great!

      • I’ve posted pictures of men n drag several times but I think you are referring to the set posed 10/21/14. The only other info I have is that the fourth/last picture is allegedly a “gag” photo from the 1800s where a man’s head was put on a photo of a woman. Do a google image search on the photos and see what you come up with.

    • Hey, Matthew! From way down in Georgetown, Texas I’ve been combing through your site for a couple of months, now, and I think it’s a formidable and comprehensive salute to…well,…everything that’s important and beautiful in this world. It is an oasis for my eyes and a refreshment for my soul, and I thank you for your effort and hard work.

    • Hi Matthew. My name is Victor H. Lopez, owner of the copyright image of ‘Sexy Mexican Men’ (the b/w vintage image of the two men wearing sombreros), which is a photograph from my family’s collection ‘Golden Age of Mexican Photography’ TM . Please do me the favor of removing it from your site and anywhere else you may have placed it. Thank you and I look forward to you reply.


      • Victor, I have removed the picture in question per yer request. Or at least I’m pretty sure I did – a vintage photo of two men wearing sombreors with cigarettes and bottles in their hands? That’s the one I just deleted. I apologize to you and your family for using it I had no idea of its provenance or any copyright. Thank you for asking me nicely, as well. If I didn’ delete the right one let me know and I will do so immediately.

    • I was lead to this link by an ebay listing for a 16mm copy of the movie “Greed”. This is the only known English version of the poster 22×28″ which I discovered in an antique shop and consigned to Heritage Auctions around 2011 when it sold. Your post is around 2013 I’m very curious to know how you came across the image. Don’t worry about any copyright issues since there are non. Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

      • I have absolutely no recollection of where I found it, maybe try going tot he picture and doing a Google Image Search. It certainly wan’t via any auction site, including ebay, because I don’t buy anything like that poster.

      • Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it all. I’m still more inclined to have a blog like this, where I select fewer but better images and throw them up in some sort of continuous, related thread than just posting hundreds or dozens a day of unrelated images on tumblr or pinterest.

    • The woman in the Miss Kansas photo is my older sister Jane. She was an extraordinary woman, Mother & dancer. She began & ran a fine Ballet School in Kansas City with many students that went on to major ballet companies. We sadly lost her to pancreatic cancer in 2001 which was a devastating loss. Today April 27 would have been her 69th Birthday. We miss her terribly. My brother spotted the photograph on your website. Loved seeing her lovely face. Thought you might wish to know more about her.

      • Julie, Thank you for taking the time to write and to tell me a little more about the photo of your sister. As you probably noticed if you looked at my site the images posted here are pretty random – but each has a story to tell, a beauty of their own. My brother died 24 years ago and mutual friends post pictures of him on Facebook from time to time and it’s a surprise at first but then I smile and am happy that he has become immortalized on the internet. My best to your family, Matthew

      • Thanks, Irene! Glad you are enjoying the show. I don’t have time for anything but posting to this blog, I don’t even have an Instagram account.

    • Dear Matthew,

      I just want to request you one thing, you have uploaded a picture of one of our greatest Heroes who fought to protect Sri Lanka from British Colony during 1800s. You have tagged it as “grandpa”. As a Sri Lankan, this offends me, but I am sure you are not aware of this person. Can you Please remove this picture? Or give proper respect to this great Hero who dedicated his life for my country, Sri Lanka? Here, I have included the link. Please do not get offended, this is very important to us as Sri Lankans.

      Thank you,

      • I’m so sorry, I did not mean to offend anyone. It was purely out of ignorance – I had no idea who the picture was of or anything about them. I deleted the picture in the context of the original post.

    • Realized I have been enjoying your site now for 2 and a half years and have not thanked you since my initial post. Really, thank you for this superb blog. I look forward to each and every morsel you share.

    • I’ve been following your site for a couple of years (and systematically going through your earlier posts) and wanted to let you know how much joy you have given me. Your eye is striking. I am always amazed by the men together and the sheer range of what you find in general. As if it matters, I’m an art historian.
      With Thanks,

      • Thanks, Bob! I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts. It means a lot to me that an art historian is regularly checking in & appreciates some of the images. Here my aesthetic is free, at work I get paid to make things beautiful.

    • Hi Matthew, Just found your site, well few days ago as Tumblr has blocked a lot of pics of hairy men, LOL, that I love. Anyway, I wanted to say how much I love your site, the old film satrs, the old posters/adds etc, cars, everything really. I have spent many hours , scrolling through month by month & so far back to mid 2015. I am in the UK, go on holiday to Cornwall at least 2/3 times a year & plan to move there when I retire which you say looks very much like where you are, must be a great place to live. Also love Ancient Egypt. Any way, please keep up the good work, as I say , just love it all.

      Thanks , Dean (hugs)

      • Hey Dean! Thanks, glad you are enjoying the site. I’ve been to Cornwall once – stayed in the Penzance area – and loved it. I’m over on the other side of the Atlantic on an island in the Gulf of Maine but there are a lot of similarities. I’ll keep up the postings if you keep up the

    • Just saying thanks once again for the great pics you post. I check the site about every day and always find something intriguing, interesting or just plain deliciously erotic.

      • Thanks, Ron! I try to mix it up. It’s actually all quite random but, yes, the idea is to cover both beautiful and interesting things I’ve come across. Glad you’re liking the site!

      • Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the site. The archives go back many years so check it all out when or if you have time.

      • Glad you’re inspired by some of the images. If you hadn’t noticed I do like to mix it up! But the thread through the whole blog is “Things I find beautiful or interesting”.

    • Dear Matthew,
      From your curating to your aesthetic this blog has been an extraordinary find.
      Of course, your sass sealed the deal.
      Thank you so very much.
      MAG from VT

      • Mark Alan, Thanks! Nice to hear you’re enjoying this site and my eclectic taste. Sass and Class (with an Ivy League education) is how I roll! – Matthew

      • Guillermo, My apologies! I did delete a picture a while ago when you asked me to do so. I just deleted the other two that you asked me to delete today. I didn’t realize there were these others – but, you know, you are kind of handsome so not a surprise I posted those others (a long time ago though). Best wishes – Matthew

    • The Picture of the Russian Royalty from 2021.07.25.

      From left to right, sitting: Princess Irene, Grand Duchess Elizabeth, Victoria Melita, Grand Duke Sergei. Standing:Tsar Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, Princess Victoria and Grand Duke Ernest Ludwig, Darmstadt, 1894

      From Princess Victoria Melita of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Wikapedia Page.

  2. Dear Matthew:

    My name is Kevin Davis. I am the founder of Pretty Peculiar Productions. We are currently in production for a Horror film and would like to use the “She Devil” image found on your site. How can we move forward with this?

    All the best,

    Kevin Davis

    • Hi Kevin,
      I don’t own any of the images on this site except, I suppose, the photos I took myself (which I put online with the knowledge anyone can rip them off). As far as I understand, copyrights lapse after a long time and thus many of the vintage images are no longer protected by copyright. If you are referring to the image I posted on Sept. 29 2012 then that is old enough to no longer be copyrighted, for example. As I don’t make any money off of this site I’m not profiting off anyone else’s images – just sharing what I come across and like. For more specific info I suggest asking a lawyer or something.
      Cheers, Matthew

  3. Hi Matthew, what a super collection of photos you have put together! I do question the black and white photo labeled “Waving to relatives on the other side of the Berlin Wall, 1950s” (it shows up as the bottom of page 989 on my browser). Construction of what we knew as the Berlin Wall didn’t begin until 1961. Could it be later – or perhaps part of the “Inner German Border” which wasn’t technically the Berlin Wall?

    • I think it is actually the Berlin Wall and, you’re right, it must be in the early 1960s then since the wall didn’t go up till 1961. I knew that (really I did) but the cars and styles look 1950s and I just didn’t think it through.

  4. I was looking for an image of Clint Walker, when I was led to your blog.
    What a terrific site! I’m in the middle of Chemistry finals, but will definitely spend some time looking at older posts. Plus, I have a huge collection of Island of Misfit Toys so feel your blog is the best ever.

    • Thanks! Glad you like the site, my collection of odds and ends I come across on the internet that catch my eye. Feel free to stroll around the place when you have the time!

  5. Bonjour , c’est vraiment un blog qui m’a ouvert sur des souvenirs d’enfance , et qui m’a refait un voyage dans le temps .Merci infiniment pour les informations sur le cinéma . Bon courage .

  6. C’est sur que je reviendrais , avec ce blog et pour moi une boite d’archives pleine de surprises .Merci infiniment . A+

    • I don’t own the rights to this or almost all of the pix on this site, they’re just reblogged from other sites.

  7. You have impeccable taste in images, just like mine. Thank you for doing all the work. I’m just sitting here with a glass of wine enjoying it all.

    • Thanks, George! Glad we share the same aesthetic. If doing this blog ever seemed like work I’d probably be less inclined to do it regularly. Living in the wilderness (but with a good internet connection) as I do, I have a little more free time than I would living elsewhere.

  8. Hello Matthew!

    I just came across your blog and I love it so much. Pictures are awesome.
    I’d like to know if I can use a picture you took of Poseidon, to use it as a cover for a book I’m working on?

    That would be awesome. If so, please tell me how should we proceed (if there is anything we need to sign or whatever, I’m not very familiar with that kind of stuff. I would rather buy a stock image but I really do enjoy your pictures).

    See you.


    • Alex, Glad you are enjoying the blog! I’m not sure which exact picture you are talking about. Most of the pictures on this blog I just found around the internet and re-posted – I don’t own them or their copyrights. A lot of the vintage stuff is in the public domain now because their copyrights have expired. I have posted a few pictures that I took and if the picture you want to use is one of them I’d be glad to discuss how you could use it in reproduction. Let me know which picture you are talking about though first. – Matthew

    • Thanks! I do try to stay classy, at least in public. I’ve been to Italy a bunch of times and loved it every time. Skiing around Cortina, a couple of Christmases spent in Taoromina/Sicily, and a bunch of times visiting a friend at her house near Siena.

  9. Hi Matthew and thank you again-I greatly appreciate it. I read your intro to your site and I respect that you are honest about the images. If anyone is interested in the image, please refer them to Etsy …thanks again!


  10. I’m trying to “follow” your Blog, but can’t seem to make your button do that for me. It takes me directly to signing up to make my own blog 😦 Can you help?

    • I’ll look into that and get back to you. Have no idea of the top of my head, though several others have been able to follow recently.

    • hi, the link is still here. And it continues to infringed my personal and professional life. Can you respect it and defenetely delete it?
      THanks a lot

      • I did delete it back when you asked me to do it. The only place it appears is in your comment (above) so I will have to figure out how to delete your original comment/request and then it will be gone from your comment and the link will be gone too. I don;t know why the link works since it’s not on the blog anymore, only in this comment section which I will delete today so it’s all gone.

    • I removed it yesterday from the blog post in which it appeared per your request. However, I cannot figure out how to delete the copy you sent in your message yesterday (see above) but when I do I will delete that too.

    • Hey Manoel! Thanks, glad you’re enjoying the show. I don’t mind in the slightest if you re-post pix – what goes around comes around. (As long you don’t copy every single picture in the exact same order I posted them – that’s actually happened twice). I look forward to checking out your tumblr!

      • I did check out your tumblr – it’s great! I return the compliment and am “borrowing” some pix from you. And I’ll post a link.

  11. Matthew, great site! You montage of Anna May Wong dancing is so well done. Can you please tell me what movie it is from.
    Thank you!

  12. Hi Matthew – I happened across your blog and love the images. From your interest in attractive men to places and history. My husband and I share a good number of things in common with you. Looking forward to more great blog posts! Rob and Tom

    • Thanks, Rob and Tom! Glad you guys are enjoying the show. I like sharing some of what I come across that I think is beautiful, interesting, or that amuses me. It’s also great to hear comments from people around the world and make a few friends.

  13. Hey Matthew – Glad you love minerals! I’m hoping you can work with us on adding image credit where we hold a copyright. Can you email us please at info[at]iRocks.com? Thanks!

  14. Matthew – I just discovered your site while looking for Images of Actor Ty Hardin for a friend! I just love your site! It is much more satisfying than Any Adult site. Thanks so much!

  15. Your movie still labeled Myrna Loy in The Desert Song is wrong. I’ve watched the entire film and this scene does not exist there. Can it be from some other movie?

    • I’ve never seen the movie so I wouldn’t know, but that is how the picture was labeled wherever I found it. Thanks for the correction, I’ll hunt it down and change the title.

      • I thought it looked more like something from The Mask of Fu Manchu, but I watched that also and it wasn’t there either. It’s a mystery!

  16. Hi Matthew, I just wanted to drop in to say hi! I haven´t been on your site for a while, and now I have a lot to catch up! Thank you for posting lovely pictures; everything I like is here; little bit of history, vintage, nature, beauties of the world, etc… Greetings from Croatia! 🙂

  17. Hello Matthew,
    I’m intrigued by your blog, you have an amazing eye for art. I am currently in the closet and have been for many years hiding my identity from my family, do you have any suggestions for overcoming these overwhelming feelings of dread. I am not yet ready to come as my family is quite religious.
    Thank you

    • Hello Charlie! Glad you are enjoying the blog. Coming out of the closet – how and when – is a personal decision and can vary depending on circumstances. I have no idea how old you are, where you are located, or your circumstances. In general though I would say don’t come out if it’s not safe to do so or if the resulting backlash from family would make you feel so bad you would consider suicide. That said, I have a couple of positive ideas for you. One is to google up some resources that could help you – there are organizations all over the world that help guys in your situation. Maybe some other readers can help out with names of specific organizations/groups? Try to find a place that is run by and for gays as opposed to say your local house of worship. My second suggestion is that you need to build self-confidence. When you feel more secure and accepting about being gay you will be a lot more able to withstand the hate and efforts to crush your soul that sounds like your family and associates might have for you when you come out. Being more secure about your sexuality will also give you the strength to move on with your life – move to another city or country and start again as an out gay man. This takes time (and saving $), but you have to start imagining a life outside & away from your family and associates that won’t accept you for who you are. There are, literally, half a billion gays in the world – you are not alone. You can start to beef up on your self-confidence by exploring gay culture online and eventually coming to realize that it’s nothing to be ashamed of in the slightest. You were born that way, honey. Allow yourself to start to transform the negative into a positive – instead of seeing being gay as a negative/weakness realize that it can be a strength – just as others lean on religion for strength. Cities are generally more liberal than rural areas and that’s why so many gay men flee the country and move to the city. But I urge you to try to figure out how to do this that best fits your situation – being in the closet forever kills you slowly. I’ve seen many turn to alcohol or heavy drugs to escape the self-hate (internalized because all those around them hate gays) and that just makes matter a lot worse. I urge you to explore gay life on the internet and figure out what steps to take to eventually get to the point you are away from all those who would deny the ability to be yourself. It takes time but it gets better. Best wishes.

  18. Dear Matthew, long read no acknowledge (a bit of a Chinese grammar influence). I’m really, really fond of your blog, it is among my permanent markers, and I like your taste in selecting the images. Just a wee little question: would you consider to publish it in long form, enabling infinite scrolling? or making a monthly page with all the pictures in small size, to allow “jumping”? I’m getting anxious with every click in “older posts”. Congrats from a place between Rio de Janeiro and the South Pole!

    • Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the site and my selections. I understand what you are saying about the format and when I have the time I’ll look into what my options are to upgrade the site and what amount of $ I’m willing to spend to upgrade the site.

  19. The “hippie” image [https://mattsko.wordpress.com/2018/03/13/hippie/] should be attributed to Crawford Barton. It is a copyrighted 1976 image from his first book “Beautiful Men”. All his published works have long been out of print.
    Crawford was a famous 1970’s gay photographer who chronicled the men of San Francisco in the 1970. Sadly he was one of the many talented men who succumbed to AIDS. He was a friend of mine; a kind and gentle southerner from Georgia. I used to know the person in the photo but time and age have faded the memories from that unique time and he is now a long remembered face without place or name.
    He called and said his goodbye before his death and sent me the photo proofs from his book before his death. Unfortunately, during my long dance with AIDS, I threw out all my love letters, including his. I was featured in one of his photos in the Malcolm Boyd book “Look Back in Joy” copyright 1986 with the essay “The Rains Came”.
    Thank you for the site, amazing images from the last century. Memories and dreams and images to thrill.

    • I re-posted your comment under the photo you are talking about, in addition to my reply:

      Thanks for the photo credit and the background info! And glad you are enjoying the site. When I think of all the talented and beautiful souls that have been lost to the AIDS crisis I become very humble and sad.

  20. The “Muscular Blond”, the third on Apr 20 is John Pruitt. The photo was taken in the early 1980s by Jim French, the founder of Colt. I have about 60 pics of him, including one take when he was in his 50s. I think he is one of the most physically beautiful men I have ever seen. He was just out of the service when Jim French met him. I’d send you some pics but don’t know how to do so.

    • I didn’t know his name but I’ve seen a bunch of his old Colt photos – man, what a perfect torso! Thanks for the info!

    • Sorry, I have no additional info on the piece and have no idea where I found the image. It may be a replica or something made more recently “in the Belle Epoque style”.

  21. Hi Matthew, Greetings from London.
    Just to say thanks for this inspiring site and for
    taking the time to share your treasures
    with us. It is really appreciated.
    Warmest wishes to you and your loved ones
    for a positive year ahead.

  22. Matthew – if my notion that you are a gardener/garden designer is correct, please consider posting some photos of the gardens that you have created.
    Thanks for bringing/posting beauty on the the net regardless.

    • Yeah, I’m a professional gardener in the warmer half of the year and a lumberjack in the colder part of the year. I’ll post some photos soon of some gardens/landscaping I’ve done. I’m almost at the point of thinking about next garden season but right now I’m just cutting spruce trees. Glad you’re enjoying the site!

  23. Hello Mathew, You’re Betty Grable photo brought me here. There are some beautiful photos here. I was curious as to what your blog was all about, then I realized, it’s about great photos.
    I’m sharing yours on my ebay facebook page. (shameless advertising for my store. Please delete the link if it’s unacceptable. The name of the store is angels vintage treasures)
    Facebook page:
    eBay store:
    Happy holidays to you!

    • Thanks! Glad you like the things I post. And thanks about asking to see a picture of me. I did a post today (“Doppleganger” on January 1 2020) on this subject…

  24. Hi Matthew,
    I’m from Adelaide, Australia, and have been enjoying your blog for a few months now. Adding my thanks to others’ comments at your amazing taste in photos of all kinds, especially the models(!!).
    Because I didn’t find anything new for today (yesterday your time), I went browsing, and I found a beautiful photo of a gay couple from 23 May 2013 hiding below images of divers. THEN I found my copies of your gay couples, and pasted it below your recent photo of two blonde guys – they are amazingly similar – what serendipity! Can’t remember the date of the recent one though.
    You ARE allowed a day off now and then, but we miss you …

    • Oh, thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the site. Yeah, I guess I took a day off from posting. I kind of forgot because of trying to digest all that’s going on. I’ll be back posting tomorrow I’m sure. Stay safe!

  25. Oops! The earlier photo was from browsing in 31 May 2014. I looked at the images under Joan Crawford diving etc, but now can’t find where I went next!! Too much excitement from the diver snorkel photo. Browsing can be like getting lost in a beautiful forest.

  26. Hi Matthew,
    Don’t want to hog your ‘About’ page, but my antipodean heart goes out to all residents of New York and your whole region during the terrible loss of life to Covid19. Watching the TV news is painful. May your natural isolation shield you and your neighbours. We in Australia are so fortunate compared to other parts of the planet. Through all this, your site is a lifesaver for me as I deal with living alone on top of ‘social isolation’.

    • Nice to hear from you, Greg! What’s going on in NYC sounds awful indeed. What galls me is that this was mostly avoidable. Totally mismanaged by the Trump admin., and some Republican governors. I’m fine where I am for now at least. On an island way offshore within several hours of the US-Canadian border. So social isolation isn’t a new concept to me. I’m still able to work since I’m outside cutting trees. Thing is, the town where I live only has 50 residents year-round but in the summer months here (coming soon!) there are hundreds of wealthy people from the cities (Boston, NYC, DC, SFO) at their vacation homes. So not sure how that’s going to work out. Stay safe down there in Australia! And keep checking back. I’ll try to post more images or more often!

  27. Matthew, love your blog and check it out almost daily. I have a bit of a quibble: when you label a photo “Gratuitous” Shirtless Soldier, I think the word should properly be “Gratuitously”. Think about it.

    • Well… First of all, the gratuitousness refers to the fact that I’m offering them (that set of photos of shirtless men) for free & on a whim not that they are gratuitously shirtless. And secondly, I toggle back and forth between English & French in my brain and sometimes grammar gets lost in the mix. But your point is well taken & I’ll clarify that in the future.

  28. Matthew, I have several old photos you would like (gay skater, Hollywood boy-toy, men together.) about four of them. I am not computer skilled. Please tell me how to send them to you, Your site is a great distraction for me especially now, Thanks for your time and effort in creating it.

  29. Matthew: Love the site, always interesting photos, whether old publicity stills, candid shots, art shots or models. One thing: Ostriches are from Africa, emus are from Australia….

  30. The aerial photo of the ca forest fire you posted on sept. 14 is one of the most amazing nature photos I have ever seen! I’d love to know where you found it. I hope it is put in some widely distributed publication like National Geographic so it. Can be seen by a much larger audience. I only stumbled across your site today and am really enjoying it as far back as I have explored, and I look forward to seeing the rest of it in.the future.it is a great mix of lots of different images all of which l am enjoying as like you. I have a great curiosity and very broad range of interests. In the small sample l have gone f
    Through I have already seee some amazing nature. Images, one of my favorite works of art (Moran’s Yellowstone Falls), some astronomy, architecture, interior design, references to music, theater, fashion, history, nostalgia, and of course you’re appreciation of beautiful men. Thank you for all the time it must have taken you to find so many images and organized them in such an interesting manner that is a delight to look through them with surprising juxtapositions and fun discoveries in a continual array!
    Yours truly, Jon Shane

    • Jon, Glad you are enjoying the site. I wish I had more time to post more things that catch my eye, maybe this winter I’ll have more time. I did a search on the photo you mentioned that I posted on Sept. 14th (forest fire from above the clouds) to find out who took it or where it’s published and turns out that although where I found it definitely said that was what it was it is in fact a picture of a sunset in Hawaii two years ago. I wasn’t the only one who just took the post for face value. Still a cool photo though! Hope you explore the archives because this blog has been going daily for many years now. Nice to meet you! – Matthew

    • If only! But I haven’t exactly been making much effort to utilize this blog as a means to attract a potential boyfriend. I’ll have to write up an application form. Kidding. But, heads up, I’m definitely going to be making more of an effort to “put myself out there”. I’m not a bad catch. More info about me coming soon.

  31. Matthew, we have just stumbled across your blog and it has made our day. Your eye for pictures is impeccable, as is your taste in men. Lots of love from two procrastinating students in the NL, aka your newest fans

  32. Hi after quite a while, Matthew. Thanks for your regular posts – like whimsical clockwork that arrive on my phone around 9pm Central Australian time like a smooth, silky nightcap! You haven’t missed a single day for many months, so I hope you were having a relaxing break on the 26th.
    Your blog has been a tonic in recent months, as I’ve moved on after 4 months of dating a great guy. I realised that it can all still happen, so keep hoping if the magic worked for this 74 years young guy!!

    • Hello Greg, Sorry I didn’t see this message till just now. I usually post somewhere between 6-9 am Eastern/Atlantic time (I’m close to the line and can go either way…), before going to work. Glad that you’re enjoying the site. Best wishes – and yes, love can happen for everyone at any time.

  33. Dear Matt,
    Thought I had to subscribe but seems I can write to you via reply. Your posts are an entertaining way to start the day correcting manuscripts. BTW, please correct San Remo (2013) is in Italy (Italian not French Riviera), where the Festival di Sanremo (festival della canzone italiana) has taken place since 1951 (same year as me in New Jersey) and where Modugno sang “Nel blu dipinto di blu” better known as “Volare” (1958). You may want to dig out some photos from the San Remo festial archives: lots of international performers and popular songs.
    Marty Poppins (2010) parasoling over Turin was a cute idea.There’s the Mole Antonelliana – the building with the square dome in the background, now the National Museum of Cinema, piazza Vittorio and Murazzi (embankment) two hotspots in Turin nightlife. I race-walk past there early mornings and clock up about 50 km a week.
    I’m not on any social media – just never bothered. I view your posts via Firefox. Not sure whether I should have clicked on “Leave a Reply” of “Post Comment”. You sort it out and tell me.Ok?
    Regards, Ken

    • Ken, Thanks for the correction. Not sure how that happened actually since I’ve been to San Remo and know it is in Italy! Glad you’re enjoying the site and found a way to incorporate it into your work routine. I’m not terribly techno savvy myself so have no idea about the many ways you can access this site but the easiest is to just go to the main page and bookmark it. You don’t need to subscribe or join anything.

      • Dear Matt,
        Am now subscribed and have a routine for viewing the posts. Thanks for the prompt to look up the artist Charles Demuth, John Singer Sargent, and the other boys. A contemporary portraitist was Giovanni Boldini: his women never looked so good as when he painted them.
        Have told my gay windsurfer nephew (someting in the family genes) living on the North Shore to pass by your site. If I ever get back to the States, we might come surfing over to your island. I’ll bring good wine: red or white, you decide.
        Now, another day of toil down deep in the language mines.

      • Always nice to hear from a regular viewer. Lots of Australians stop by this site, hope your nephew does too. Of course you’re welcome to surf on over, bring dry white wine as that is basically all that I drink anymore. Am casually familiar with Boldini but will check him out further when I get a chance. My favourite 3 American painters are Edward Hopper, John Singer Sargent, and Winslow Homer. None were primarily portraitists though.

  34. Hi Matthew. Just looked at the great photos of Audrey Hepburn and Debbie Reynolds. How about posting some photos of Pet Clark from that era…….the cover of her “Warm and Tender” album is a fanstastic photo of her. I’ve been a huge fan of hers since Downtown needless to say and am still finding CDs out there from across the Oceans. I think most have forgotten about her, but she’s actually still active with recordings etc.

    Thanks very much. Great site!

  35. Hi Matthew,
    I wanted to respond to your post on the 6th about your brother’s anniversary, but others made great comments. Then this morning there was a segment on our ABC classical music radio in memory of Stuart Challender, the conductor of the Sydney Symphony, who died of AIDS on December 13th, 1991. He was an inspired musician who at 44, like all the other gay men, had their lives cut short by this virus. What wonderful worlds of music he could have gone on to create! I feel a link with him, as we were both born in the same year, only a few weeks apart.
    But losing a brother is so much deeper, and my ongoing thoughts for you.
    With wishes, Greg.

    • So much talent died in the HIV pandemic. So many books, plays. performances we’ll never know. While my brother was not one of those talents, he and I were very close and his loss left a huge hole in my life to this day. But it’s not all sadness, I also have gained strength and purpose from his memory. Thanks for your note – take care and stay safe!

    • Glad you’re enjoying this site! The email widget is a WordPress automatic thing, I don’t have any role in it and I haven’t heard anyone say they’ve had a problem with it recently. Try signing up again or check if your server is blocking them.

  36. Hi Matthew,
    I just wanted to say I love your website. I have a question, though.

    I wonder if you are in the possession of an old YouTube video posted by TeeJott models around 2015, it features Hagen Richter. For the record: he’s in the 2nd picture you posted on March 15 2021 in a gallery called ‘Models on Boats’ – blond guy, blue bermudas.

    The video I was looking for is no longer on YouTube unfortunately, and I was wondering if, by any chance, you might have saved it back then. It was called ‘Waking up with TeeJott’ and it had two parts. Feel free to contact me at nick.merian55[at]gmail.com if anything.

    • Hello, Nick! Glad you’re enjoying the site. I have no idea who that model is and I don’t save any videos on my computer or phone so I can’t help you there. But keep googling and maybe it’s somewhere.

  37. Hi Matthew!
    Glad i found your site!! Is there s way i can purchase a print of the 3 women in tophats? Im obsessed!!

    • Susan, Glad you’re enjoying the site. I don’t sell anything, just re-post pictures I find on the internet. Try doing a google image search on the photo and see if someone is selling a print.

  38. Hi Matthew,
    Great blog. However, I noticed that some of the photos labeled as Jess Vill are actually Stuart Reardon. Stuart’s tattoo extents from his chest down his arm. Jess tattoo is only on his chest.

  39. I have been reading your blog daily for a long time now and wanted to thank you. I have a bit of a daily ritual…read and listen to the news and then, to clean my mind, I read your blog. I can’t tell you what spending time with the beauty you share means to me. It is life giving to me to be reminded each day, pause, and remember beauty. Thank you for your good eye and good work! It means a great deal.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Brett! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. I’m keenly focused on the news (US politics & also the Ukraine War) too but it is a nice break from those realities and from work to find & post pictures of beautiful and/or interesting things. Sometimes I feel like Nero fiddling while Rome burns, but not much I can do about the state of the world.

    • Hey Matt! I guess we have at least three things in common – we’re both named Matthew, we’re both gay, and we’re both at least originally from Boston (though I was not born there and lived there only for much most of my first 17 years). Which picture is the one I posted of you? What do you do now?

  40. hello Matthew, I have just discovered your site I live in France in the east towards Besançon in the Doubs really superb blog thank you for all these images
    I present myself my name is Marcel am also gay and have been in a relationship for 35 years I am 64 years old kisses to you

  41. Bonjour Matthieu,
    Je te remercie pour ces magnifiques photos que tu nous partage. Pour ma part, j’aimerais savoir si tu connais l’auteur de la photo royal air force officier ? car je ne le trouve pas sur le net. En te remerciant par avance, bien à toi.

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