So… I got my first dose of the covid vaccine yesterday, the Moderna one. Funny story as to why I was eligible even though people like me (middle aged, healthy, etc.) aren’t scheduled for the vax till Summer or even Fall. I had been eligible for it a while back because I’m a Fire Warden and emergency workers got top priority. But I turned it down because the reality is I very rarely (like maybe once every 3 years) have to fight a fire – and since I can isolate easily where I live I figured I could wait.

But then the governor declared that “at risk populations” were now eligible for the vaccine. This means people in prisons, hospitals, and mental institutions. They considered those living in small, isolated communities (I live on an island 6 miles/10 kms from the mainland) to be in the same category for some reason and there was a community-wide vaccine clinic yesterday. About 2/3 of the people on the island got the vax. Follow up shot in a month. Still laughing at being lumped in with prisons & mental hospitals – a little too on the nose sometimes in this crazy island community.

Only side effect for me has been my arm is still sore 24 hours later. The needle is small & painless. Feeling very fortunate – and also feeling guilty because I know so many people who need the vax more than I do but have to wait because of the guidelines.