Soviet-Chinese Bromance

soviet-sino bromance 400 soviet-sino bromance 401 soviet-sino bromance 402 soviet-sino bromance 403

The third one here looks like a gay couple and their children. I can’t read Russian but somehow I don’t think these posters were advocating finding a nice Chinese boyfriend and settling down in a international communist committed gay relationship.


lava 14 Lava Drop by samuel FERON Lava flow after the Sun by Tom Kualii

I’ve been to two volcanoes in my life so far – Mount Etna in Sicily (Italy) and Mount Arenal in Costa Rica. You could see the top of Etna was glowing at night when I was there, and at Arenal you heard intermittent loud booms and there was a vague sulfur smell to the air. Oh wait, I’ve been to more volcanoes than that – the whole string of them in the Lesser Antilles (Caribbean) – including Montserrat before it was obliterated by their volcano and one surreal evening on St. Vincent where there were rumblings of the volcano on the north end of the island (I was on the very southern tip) and it was rumoured that the volcano was erupting and everybody was either very tense or getting very drunk (but then it never erupted).