3,000,000 Hits

Last night this site blew past the 3,000,000 mark – It has been visited that many times in the 9 or so years of its existence (though most of the hits have been in the last 4 years or so since I’ve been posting pictures of shirtless men more often). Glad so many of you like my odd assortment of images (over 46,000 posted so far) that I’ve found & liked around the internet and shared on this site. Thank you for your visits, your comments, and for being kind when you correct me if I caption a photo incorrectly. But most of all I’d like to thank the zillions of photographers, artists, stars, and models who’s work, faces, and bodies have appeared here. As always, if you own an image or are the subject of an image and don’t want it posted her let me know and I’ll remove it.

So who are you? I have no idea, obviously, but I can tell where you’re from. About 45% of the visitors have been from the US. Another 35% have come from the following 11 countries (in this order): France, Germany, UK, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Mexico, and Argentina. And the remaining 20% come from around the world. And I do mean from around the world – every day. The only areas that don’t visit daily are Central/Western Africa, Iran/Central Asia, and China. It blows me away, it does, that this site is viewed all over the world every day. Even in warn-torn nations (Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya), nations that I can’t imagine have very good or very many internet connections, and nations that are so very different than where I live. The site has been visited from every nation/territory/island on this planet except Turkmenistan and North Korea. Shirtless Men and old Hollywood glamour seem to be a universal language.

When I get a chance I’m going to re-write/update the “About” section so you might get a little more insight into who I am and how I developed my aesthetic over the years. In the meantime, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the show!