A little note/Une petite annonce

I’ve been in a busy blur the last couple of months and some things have slipped by me. Last December we whizzed past this blog’s 9th anniversary (though more like 5th anniversary in terms of daily postings) and in January the blog flew by the 4,000,000 hits in January. FOUR MILLION HITS?! Wow. I’ve posted close to 53,000 images so far and they’ve been viewed in every country & territory on earth except North Korea and Turkmenistan.

It was also the blog’s annual renewal time yesterday and I had to upgrade in order to buy some more space. But with the upgrade I believe the ads visitors were seeing (I don’t know, I never saw them as the administrator) should now be gone. I changed the font and shortened the name of the blog. Oh, and now the blog has it’s own domain name. Everyone who has saved, favourited, or set up a link to the original address automatically are forwarded to the new address. Now I’m at http://www.mattsko.com, via WordPress but not on WordPress or something like that.

Hope you’re enjoying the show. Fasten your seat belts, there’s more to come!