Hello Kitty Pump Action Short Barrel Shotgun

Sorry boys, this one’s for the little ladies who need to pack some serious firepower. In pink only. Pink stars on the barrel NOT optional. Glitter shotgun shells sold separately, look in your “back to school sales” aisle at your local stores. Fits nicely into the Hello Kitty Little Miss school backpack and mobile armed depot. Coming soon: Hello Kitty hand grenades, limit 10 per customer. For ages 6 and up.

5 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pump Action Short Barrel Shotgun

  1. I think this shotgun is awsome. I have a daughter who is reaching hunting age and want to get her her own gun. Was looking for something kind of girly for her first and came upon the hello kitty shotgun. Having issues finding where to buy one. Would you happen to know? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Mitchell Nolasco

    • Um, I have no idea where you would buy a Hello Kitty gun but I have a feeling it isn’t at “Toys R Us”. Maybe google it? I don’t know if it was just someone making a funny or if it was real.

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