100,000 Hits

Wowza. 100,000 hits/site visits – almost all of them in the last 12 months. Sure, some of those visits are just google image search hits for one image and not the site  – but nowadays more than half of the 400+ hits per day are from people specifically coming to view the site. Hope you’re enjoying your visit while you stop on by and peruse this collection of images from the ‘net (and just a few of my own photos)! I’d say thanks but I never set out to do this for ego or popularity. Thanks anyway! 100,000 hits in a year is pretty good for a non-porn site, I think. I’m honoured, I truly am.

What’s amazed me is finding out how global the reach has been of this site. People have visited from almost all of the Americas, every single country in Europe (including Vatican City, OMG!, and other little places like San Marino and Monaco), just about all of the nations of the former Soviet Union, just about every single blessed Middle Eastern country and territory, the south and southeastern Asian nations (even including Brunei), Australia – New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea. Would’ve been easier to just say where people have not visited from: China, Tibet, much of Africa (except the nations on the Mediterranean shores), and a few Caribbean and South Pacific islands.

Here’s the list of visits by country with over 100 hits each just since this February 25 (2012). Fascinating. We are the world apparently.

 USA 9,485
Canada FlagCanada 1,639
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 1,380
Mexico FlagMexico 1,365
Germany FlagGermany 818
Belgium FlagBelgium 752
Norway FlagNorway 728
Spain FlagSpain 486
Italy FlagItaly 462
Australia FlagAustralia 427
France FlagFrance 411
Brazil FlagBrazil 257
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 219
Turkey FlagTurkey 180
Poland FlagPoland 173
Sweden FlagSweden 148
Singapore FlagSingapore 128
Argentina FlagArgentina 127
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 119
Greece FlagGreece 112
Philippines FlagPhilippines 109
Japan FlagJapan 101
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 100

The World

X marks the spot around where I’m transmitting from to all points in the world except apparently China. Banned in China!