Donna Summer – Love is Control


So sorry to hear about Donna Summer’s death. She was such a vital part of the gay disco scene in the 70’s and 80’s. I have so many memories and specific associations with her songs but the one that comes first to mind is dancing to this song in the early 80’s as a teenager at the infamous 1270 Club in Boston. That was a fun place! It was a gay bar on 4 levels – basement was a piano lounge, 1st floor was a techno dance bar, the 3rd floor was the disco dance floor and bar, and the roof had tables where you could order frozen drinks and cool off in the night air after sweating it up on the dance floor – and order fresh food off the grill up there. Thanks, Donna, for the memories! The mirror ball will keep on sparkling and the beat will go on!

PS If any one can tell me how to embed Youtube¬†videos onto WordPress blogs instead of just pasting a link I’d appreciate it.