The top 3 places I want to visit, that I’ve never been to before, are 1) Greece, 2) The Pacific Northwest (British Columbia, Washington, Oregon), and 3) Some beautiful South Pacific islands or Bali. Now that my financial future is looking a lot brighter I’m hoping to make a trip to Greece a reality in a couple of years. The top 5 places that I have been to already but would love to go back to (besides Montreal, of course) are, in no particular order: Tuscany/Italy, Paris & the Loire Valley (because that’s where some of my favourite wines are made), Belize, St. John US Virgin Islands, and Montana/Colorado. I’d love to cruise along the Nile and see some of the ancient sites in Egypt as well as Petra in Jordan but, as a North American, I’m too scared to go to any middle eastern nation – wouldn’t be relaxing if you were always looking over your shoulder.