Mommie’s Home!

I am a die hard Joan Crawford fan. I thought she was a damn good actress and had a fierce personality – she had a drive and a passion that was evident in almost all her acting work. Much had been made of her rivalries, real (Norma Shearer) and imagined (Bette Davis, mostly a made up a tabloid rivalry), but I tend to judge people by the company they keep and in this light Joan was also awesome. Her closest Hollywood friends were Barbara Stanwyck,  Myrna Loy, Ann Blyth ( her wicked daughter Vida in “Mildred Pierce”!), and Cesar Romero. I don’t know what to make of her daughter, Christina’s,  subsequent book that made all sorts of allegations of abuse but I do know that, for me, it still doesn’t diminish my adoration of her as an actress and a star. Just in case, though, I don’t use any wire coat hangers.