self defense I learned a few self-defense moves – I can flip someone who weighs more than me and smack them on the ground, I can temporarily cripple someone, and I can make sure you never breed again – but none are any good if the assailant has a weapon. But… still good to know. The funny thing is that the guy who taught me the moves was (and still is) a douchebag so I can’t deny that I enjoyed flipping and smacking him on a hardwood floor SEVERAL TIMES “just to make sure I understood the move” even though I got it on the first try.

They start so young

go habs goThough Toronto-Montreal (Leafs-Habs) rivalry used to be the biggest rivalry in the NHL it has been supplanted by an even bigger and more bitter Boston (Bruins) – Montreal (Canadiens/Habs) hate-fest – I mean rivalry. Hoping the Canadiens win their first game of the season over the Leafs!