The hat I bought recently

500-2130-OLI-L01It’s actually more brown looking in reality, supposed to be olive. I like it. I wore it in Washington DC & Boston some of the times. It’s called a Grizum, a type of fedora. From Goorin Bros.

2 thoughts on “The hat I bought recently

  1. I like it too. I’m always looking for great hat. I’m bald and live in the semi-desert, so I need to cover up. It’s also a great way to change your look if you are hair-challenged. Trouble is, I have a really large head and I find very few hats that fit. I’d certainly wear this one. What a surprise–we have similar tastes!

    • I love my new hat, though I wish it was the olive that was advertised as opposed to the brown that it actually looks like. It is wool, so I don’t think it would be so great for hot Mexico. Not lots of occasions when I can wear a nice hat since my work is pretty grubby. But I like to keep covered up because of “balding issues”. Besides vanity, lack of hair/thin hair on top is downright chilly here in the sub-subarctic.

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