2 thoughts on “Greta Garbo, 1925

  1. A great shot, Matthew! “Mara Hari” is from 1931. Your next post is definitely from that movie. If I had to guess what movie this is from, I would say 1929’s “Wild Orchids,” which has an exotic, tropical Asian setting. I may be wrong though–it could be from Mata Hair but the MGM logo looks earlier and Garbo looks younger.

    I just love this stuff, as you know! Thanks again!

  2. Made the corrections – originally went with the info (erroneously) supplied from whatever site I got them from but I “fact checked” and you are indeed correct. 1920’s and very early 1930’s are a little before my area of knowledge (such as it is). Shoulda fact checked first but time, being what it is…

    Hoping that this winter, when I have a little more time, I will watch lots of old movies on TCM and from Netflix. So many, many, many movies I want to see!

    As far as this web site/blog I am more interested in just sharing beautiful, interesting, or funny images – rather than being an educational or reference site on old movies. But – again, if time permitted – we should think about collaborating on a site with your knowledge and my insatiable love of images and photos.

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