3 thoughts on “I was a/J’etais une/Ik was een: CALL-GIRL

  1. I met Miss Anne Francis once. I knew her from “Forbidden Planet” but never knew she had her own TV program, “Honey West.” She skinny dips in “Planet” and gave a decade of adolescent boys wet dreams. I had a crush on Robbie the Robot.

    • I’m not familiar with her work, but that’s cool that you met her!

      I may do a post where I list the few movie & music stars I’ve met as well as a list of ones I’ve seen up close & personal or in concert but didn’t actually meet – and then others can write in comments about their experiences. I know you have had a lot of said encounters!

      • That would be fun! My experience has been, the more famous they are, the nicer and more humble. It is the lady who played the third zombie on the left in Apocalypse Playground of the Evil Dead who is really full of herself!

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