I’d like to apply to be a homosexual (GIF)

gay application GIF

Sure, come on in, the club is open to everyone. But you should at least know some of the gay icons over the last few decades. So I have thoughtfully posted some pix, GIFs, and a video for you to get started on. There are many more too…

UPDATE: This is just a random sampling of the many, many gay icons in recent decades. Future installments will include more of them, including legends of film.


Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

This song takes care of two gay icons at once. Miss Whitney. A-may-zing voice, at least up until the mid-90s. The song was written and first covered by Dolly Parton, an incredible talent, but Whitney made it into a world wide #1 hit.. Not such a fan of Dolly’s music but I love her as a person and personality. I even went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where she was from. But that’s another story.

Diana Ross

diana 4501 diana 4502 diana 4503Know and love your gay icons! That doesn’t mean you have to love each every one of them – I, for example, do not like Barbra Streisand at all- but I make up for it in worship of other idols.