From Here To Eternity

From-Here-To-Eternity-1 From-Here-To-Eternity-2 From-Here-To-Eternity-3 1083_RS121_020461.tif

So I watched this movie last night, I had never seen it. Eight Oscar nominations, all star cast. I was totally disappointed, despite some nice shots of Montgomery Clift and Burt Lancaster shirtless. Was it a war movie, a romantic movie, or a buddy flick? I thought it was full of flat acting, plot all over the place, lots of unexplained plot lines and then it ends, all of it sudden, with the Donna Reed character apparently going schizo… OK, someone who has seen this movie and liked it please tell me what I missed. Also wondering why in all the promo for the movie it’s all about Burt Lancaster when it seemed to me that Montgomery Clift appeared in the movie a lot more than Burt Lancaster did.