War, what is it good for?

So I’m posting a bunch of military themed pix today in honour of Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day. Even though I am, for the most part a pacifist. War sucks in so, so, so many ways. It also sucks that many wars could have been prevented (I’m looking at you WWI), should never have happened (Iraq, Grenada, and pretty much any religious war like the the Crusades or the Arab-Israeli War of 1967), or were completely pointless (Vietnam or the Cold War). War does have its moments though – some instances in history justify war such as when fighting for democracy over tyranny (like the American and French Revolutions) or for independence from colonial masters, fighting against fascism (WWII and the Spanish Civil War), ¬†fighting after some dickhead country invaded you (WWII again), or fighting for a valued principle such anti-slavery in the US Civil War or against ethnic cleansing (WWII and other examples like Serbia in the ’90s). So, not all wars are bad. The silver lining is that the “good guys” do usually (with some obvious exceptions) win, wars do bring people together for a common cause and volunteerism goes through the roof, and large/catastrophic wars have led to many positive changes (thinking about all the ways many parts of the world did change dramatically into a more modern, progressive, and prosperous place after WWII) as well as all the technological advances that have come about as a result of wartime exigencies. It’s also true that I find men in uniform to be sexy, so there’s that.