Vintage mustachioed men and their dogs

stache and pup 1280 stache and pup 1281

3 thoughts on “Vintage mustachioed men and their dogs

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  2. Pit Bulls were very common back then.. maybe they weren’t bred to fight back then? My great grandpa had some kind of terrier sitting in a chair for his portrait. his son, grandpa had a hunting dog, some sort of white with brown speckles.

    • Pit bulls are actually great at catching rats and other rodents so I wonder if that was why they were so popular. When my brother died in the 1990s I inherited his pit bull – a total mismatch for me since I’m really laid back. She was nice to me, friends, and family but to everyone else she was intimidating. In this case I think it was nature and not nurture since neither my brother or I trained her to be aggressive to strangers – and she was treated well.

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