Memorial Day, WWII era, 1940s

I hardly think I’m the only one who doesn’t really understand the difference between Memorial Day (last Monday in May, formerly known as “Decoration Day”) and Veteran’s Day (November 11, known outside the US as Remembrance Day or Armistice Day). What I gather is that Memorial Day is just an American holiday that was originally started to commemorate those who died in the US Civil War and has since morphed into a holiday honouring all those who have died in the US Armed Forces AND also anyone who has died. Veteran’s/Remembrance Day is a North American and European holiday originally meant to commemorate the end of WWI but has since morphed into a holiday honouring all people who have served in the military past/present/alive/dead. I’m way too much of a free, independent spirit to have voluntarily been in the military and my family does not have any military tradition. But I do like a man in uniform and my hat is off to those who’ve served.

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