2 thoughts on “Expo Internationale de l’Automobile, Paris, 1913

  1. Dear Matt, greetings from Paris !

    Nice pic, with an interesting detail which is not evident at first sight.

    One may wonder why there is a naked man on this picture which seems quite odd to us. Notice that the naked man is a blacksmith, a profession still very common at that time, especially in rural France. Most of the metal workers were from blacksmith families, and this activity was still very common.

    What is less well known is that there were a lot of blacksmithing competitions. During these competitions, some of the most difficult tasks were often performed naked by the most skilled blacksmiths ! I found a few photographs of naked blacksmiths working in such a competition. I think this is why in this poster there is a naked blacksmith…

    Notice also that at that time, there were few auto repair shops, so one got to see a blacksmith !

    Notice also that I lived in the first building in Paris that was constructed with Citro├źn garage and repair shop, in 1914 ! Take a google streetview, it is at 193 rue Championnet in Paris. The garage closed in 2004 to be replaced by a Lidl mart…

    Dear Matt, thanx again and all the best regards.

    (On the departure for one week in Norway.)

    • Franck, Thanks for the information and have a great time in Norway! And why not do blacksmithing naked? However, I think when I am working as a lumberjack I will keep some clothes on.

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