2 thoughts on “Exposition Universelle de Paris, 1889

  1. Hey Matt ! Greetings from Paris !
    Nice pic this one ! The 1889 exhibition where the Eiffel tower was shown to the public ! An interesting detail: you may remember the bridge on the photograph is the famous pont de l’Alma, with the emblematic statue of the “zouave du pont de l’Alma”, you see soldier on the bridge pier. The zouave is closely observed by parisians when the water level of the Seine rises during floods. Things get serious when the zouave has wet feet ! As you can see here:
    All the best and regards.

    • Hey Franck! Nice to hear from you, as always. Interesting how people use landmarks to judge how high the river has gotten. I know I have some benchmarks to see how high the ocean has been rising over the years. There’s a big boulder down on the beach near me that, when I was a child, the water would only touch the bottom of it at high tide. 40+ years later and the tide line is now almost a meter higher up.

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