4 thoughts on “Section of a ceiling mural by Elihu Vedder

  1. I am sorry to have to tell you this post is mistaken. The work you illustrate was 100% authored by Elihu Vedder (1836-1923) to adorn the ceiling of the Huntington’s Fifth Avenue Mansion. It is known as ‘Abundance of the Days of the Week’ that themes out the ceiling panel for the dining room, where it was installed in 1893.

  2. I saw it listed as both when I did a google image search and went with the top listings. But upon further review I see that you are correct and I will change the title. Thank you for the correction.

    • My absolute pleasure and, my turn to thank you as I thoroughly enjoyed my evening yesterday, discovering and perusing your site. Life-changing events, where I switched my profession for what had been my hobby for years, I now blog on tumblr, curating a site where art is the main subject. Enjoy a great week and have a Merry Christmas.

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