I was asked to post a picture of me. And I could. I think I’m fairly handsome. But for some reason (privacy?) I don’t feel like it. So here are some dopplegangers, people who look pretty identical. I’m in my 50s now so a little older than these random guys (I have no idea who they are). But I say I look a lot like the guy in the top photo except my face is slightly rounder, my hair more blond/silver, and my stache shorter. I think you get the idea. Any of the 5-10 people who regularly or occasionally come by this site who do actually know me can weigh in on the veracity of any of this.

I’m on the short side of average height but definitely not a pocket gay. I don’t go to a gym or work out as I get a good workout from being a lumberjack and a gardener. So I’m work-muscular – my legs, butt, and forearms are rock hard solid. My biceps and pecs so-so. And my stomach just there, definitely on the lean side (size 29, thank you very much) but no definition at all I think I look like my German (maternal) side but very much act and think like a French Canadian (my paternal side).