One thought on “MUSCULAR MODELS (Click on this title to go to a gallery of 11 photos)

  1. #1 – Csaba Szigeti aka Kris Evans: Hungarian actor, model bodybuilder, 6’4″, by Gilles Crofta.
    #2 – RJ Baptiste by Gilles Crofta.
    #3 – Unknown
    #4 – Justin St. Paul by Gilles Crofta.
    #5 – Haider Mehdi: Personal Trainer by Gilles Crofta.
    #6 – RJ Baptiste: IFBB Pro by Gilles Crofta.
    #7 – Tom Coleman: Fitness Model/Natural bodybuilder from the UK.
    #8 – Ryan Terry: ex-plumber turned Fitness model from the United Kingdom.
    #9 – Rogan O’Connor: Actor, Model by Gilles Crofta.
    #10 – Jake Burton:Fitness Model/Personal Trainer by Allan Spiers.
    #11 – Chase Ketron by Allan Spiers.

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