I’m super busy at work these days so posting is a little sporadic. I did find a moment to post some pictures of models though. So don’t “worry”, I’m still here and haven’t lost interest in posting. Just a wee bit busy. OK, more like every waking moment busy.

And please stay safe – both because of the virus pandemic and, if you’re in the United States, all the horrifying scenes from cities all over the country where peaceful protesters are being tear gassed. America is better than this – I know it can be. Fascism and racism can go to hell.


3 thoughts on “Posting

  1. Glad to hear you do not have the virus, Matthew. The USA is crazy; we only go out for groceries every 10 – 14 days, sometimes picking up some food through a drive-through on the same shopping center.

    I always enjoy what you post. Stay safe and healthy.

  2. I would miss you terribly. Glad you are only taking a breather. I have some pictures I think you would like to post. I don’t know how to send them. Please advise. they are of a Hollywood boy toy, lobby card of Anna Mangaini. three men together in colonial dress. and wartime bathing in Viet Nam.

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