One thought on “MODELS WEARING JEANS (Click on this title to go to a gallery of 15 photos)

  1. #2 – Chris Ryan by Rob Lang – One of the earliest models I began following.
    #4 – Jordan Torres.
    #5 – Andre D’Cruz.
    #6 – Philip Fusco.
    #8 – Jake Burton.
    #9- Jonny William by Edson Caetano.
    #10 – Zac Smith – not to be confused with Zac Dee Smith, fitness model /personal trainer who has inked his right arm from wrist to shoulder.
    #11 – Dimitrios Menas: Athlete by Michael Hallenbeck.
    #12 – Vladimir Pelikh: Model from the Ukraine.
    #13 – Yoav Sharabany by Alon Feller.
    #14 – Jonathan Dobal by Marcio Farias.
    #15 – The Boling Twins: Calvin & Cory.

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