The Unabomber’s cabin after it was moved in its entirety to an FBI warehouse

Back in 1998 I designed & then worked with two professional carpenters to build my house. Friends from Boston & MontrĂ©al joked that it’d probably end up looking like the Unabomber’s cabin hiding in the woods. Actually, my house is a nice, sunny but small two story house in a large clearing on top of a hill with a sweeping view of the ocean. It has a modern condo/urban feel and is not a log cabin. Running water, heat, electricity, and – as you might guess – internet. So, no, I don’t live in a creepy cabin in the woods. The only thing that surprises people is that, as I am a professional gardener half of the year, there’s very little as far as planting or gardens around my house – there’s just not a lot of soil here. My family owns two nice houses down on the shore (which I use as my guest house/compound since my family rarely uses them) but you can’t see them from my house because it’s a big piece of land and there are lots of trees on the hill going down to the ocean.