2 thoughts on “Anatomy class, 1920

  1. That’s an interesting photo because in England at that time (1920) very few lady students were accepted by medical schools. There was huge prejudice against women by the overwhelming male doctors. Spending a lot of energy and time teaching female doctors was regarded as wasted since most of them would marry, have kids and leave the profession by the age of 30.
    The same for lawyers, scientists and other professions. You will know the huge bias against Marie Curie for example.

    • Women were also discouraged in pursuing advanced degrees and outright discriminated against because they were seen as “inferior” to men in intellect and ability (“the weaker sex”) and because they would compete with less qualified men and take away jobs from men. So much lost talent and so many discoveries delayed or never realized because of discrimination against women – and against gay doctors and medical researchers- back then. Better now but by no means all gone.

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