13 thoughts on “David Niven & ? in “Bonjour Tristesse”, 1958

    • That’s what I thought (I know she is in the movie) but I wasn’t sure because by 1958 she seemed older (like in “Affair to Remember”).

  1. Sorry, so odd, WordPress says “this reply cannot be posted” and I receive a notification…
    Well, perhaps it is Mylène Demongeot because she plays Elsa the young mistress in the cast ?

  2. I have the site set so that I have to approve people who can comment and your second comment came from a new account that hadn’t been approved.

  3. I think that may be Jean Seberg. I’ve never seen “Bonjour Tristesse,” but have never forgotten her in Saint Joan and this gamine looks so similar.

  4. Hello!

    This is Jean Sieberg (sp?) here with David Niven — BT is a *totally* awesome film, BTW — one of my favorites. Also with Deborah Kerr and some handsome young Frenchman who plays the love interest of Jean Sieberg.

    Thanks for your blog! Love it, love it, live by it!

    Vartan in Boston

  5. Thanks for all the replies! By unanimous opinion it’s Jean Seberg. I’m not familiar with her and have never seen the film but hope to one day.

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