6 thoughts on “Stairway to heaven

  1. *Wow!* comes instantly.
    I googled and it is even more amazing, for these stairs go through four floors of a dungeon.
    Sadness is that I spent a two weeks vacation in Calabria some years ago but I wasn’t made aware of that castle at the time. I would sure have visited it, if only for that beauty.

    • Did not know it was in a dungeon, so that makes it more like stairway to freedom! Never been to the Calabria region but I’ve been to Sicily twice, Tuscany many times, and (when I was a kid and lived in Switzerland) the ski region in the Italian Alps near France/Switzerland.

  2. Oh, then you might have skied at Courmayeur station not far from Aosta.
    With my parents & siblings we spent all summer vacations on the French side near Megève, and used to take the opportunity to go to Italy and Switzerland on occasions.
    Life is funny, isn’t it?

  3. Courmayeur sounds familiar (and Cortina) on the Italian side, Megève and Chamonix on the French side, but mostly Gstaad because it was fairly close to Genève where my family lived for two years. I don’t ski anymore though. Where in France do you live?

  4. “The Loire Valley”, if it rings a bell. The town’s name is Angers.
    As for skiing, well… My sole (and forced) attempt has been cross-country when I was 17, and I have to say that I hated that, LoL!

  5. I’ve been around a lot of France over the years but… never been to the Loire Valley. Certainly have drank a lot of wine from there though! Also, I haven’t skied in a while (downhill or cross country), haven’t had any interest in it. Did it when I was younger, then when I was dating a ski instructor, but little since then.

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