Wear a mask (& get vaccinated when you can) to end the pandemic and keep voting Democratic to save democracy

5 thoughts on “Wear a mask (& get vaccinated when you can) to end the pandemic and keep voting Democratic to save democracy

  1. Die hard Democrat here. Got my first shot a couple weeks ago, second one next Tuesday. Will continue to wear a mask until I am absolutely sure it is safe (maybe in another year!) So your advice is well taken. On a side note: I realize your choice of models needs to cover a wide range of “looks” and body types. As an artist and appreciator of the human form I like your choices, and I do have one suggestion/question. I am sure it is due to “modesty” concerns or availability of the models, but full frontal would not be offensive to me. I am not sure if there are others who have expressed a similar request, perhaps if you needed to, you could have the more “private listing” for those of us who find your tastes on an equal footing. Otherwise, keep up the good work, and I envy your “island life”. So often I wish I were “far from the madding crowd” as well!

    On Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 7:11 AM MATTHEW’S ISLAND wrote:

    > Matthew posted: ” ” >

    • Thanks for your note and for thanks for doing your part in ending the pandemic! I have a broad taste in men and share pictures of models I find attractive in one sense or another. I don’t feel obligated to post a broad range of models – my tastes really are all over the map. Like my musical tastes. But as far as posting full frontal photos – that’s just not really what I’ve ever felt like doing. I’m going for a slightly more erotic/sensual aesthetic than a sexual or pornographic one. There is so much porn on the internet that I don’t really think I need to add or duplicate that and I assume this hosting platform would not allow it anyway. I hope you nonetheless enjoy the many, many men posted here.

  2. I never felt the need for advertising my political choices, but I understand this is the usual in U.S.. Anyway I totally concur with the three statements at the top of this post.
    As per the full frontal, I think photography gives it a voyeur sense that lowers the artistic purpose, something that curiously does not come in the way when looking at paintings or sculpture.
    This is just the way I see it. Plus, it is not like there were not a bucketful of places on the Net where pictures of nude models can be abundantly found 🙂

  3. Well, this isn’t a political blog but I do have a very strong, visceral negative reaction to fascism and to corruption. Though we’ve just had quite a bout with both in the US let’s not kid ourselves – many European nations have similar problems. Le Pen, non merci.

    Anyway, I explained to Fred above that I’m going for a more sensual/erotic aesthetic here and, as you said, there are plenty of outlets for pictures of nude models on the internet. As a (single) gay man, I am no stranger to porn (and I’ve checked out your site!) but that’s not what this site is about.

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