4 thoughts on “Maine

  1. A lake in the forest, mountainous reliefs, a soothing view as I like them. It seems that the people there have been smart enough to respect Nature and build housings without disfiguring it.

    • I think this photos is up in Baxter State Park or around there (I live on the coast, it’s way inland), hence the lack of development. But Maine does also have some strict zoning laws to protect views and the environment.

  2. Which makes it a civilized state in my opinion.
    You live in the State of Maine, when I live in the Maine et Loire Department. Funny.

    • I know where Maine et Loire is in France – some of my favourite white wines come from your area! I’ve been all over France and some places multiple times but I’ve never been to that area exactly. Close though – been to/through Nantes.

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