One thought on “Sophia Loren, 1950s

  1. One of my favorite movie with Sophia Loren is a 1997 low budget movie called Soleil (Sun in French). Late in his life, professor Levy had a stroke and remains crippled in a wheelchair. He remembers his youth In the last years of French colonization of Algeria (1962)

    Professor Levy’s mother is Sophia Loren is Mummy Levy, a « pied noir » (Blackfeet”), people of French and other European origin who were born in Algeria during the period of French rule from 1830 to 1962,

    Mummy Levy’s husband abandoned home and mummy Levy has always been a housewife. She has to struggle to make ends meet with her teenage boys. One day, professor Levy as a teenager discovers the whole thing, mummy Levy sells her body to the wealthiest man living in the neighbourhood (you never see Sophia Loren naked in the movie, obviously,, the whole sexual aspect is suggested).

    Teenager professor Levy is offended in his pride and go and see his mother, tells her what he thinks, that she shouldn’t behave that way. And the answer played is magistrally played by overbrillant Sophia Loren, only an actress with Sophia Loren’s talent could have play so brillantas.

    She slaps her in the face, telling him she’s not a whore and eyes wet, understanding she can no longer hide that secret to him.

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