3 thoughts on “Switzerland

    • Switzerland will always be in my heart. It would not surprise me if a genetic test (if they’re that accurate) would show that I’m Vaudois. Will post pictures of some of my projects soon but I’m working so hard and so many hours there isn’t a lot of time or energy to do so. Plus these are just fencing projects, not actually planting or making beautiful gardens yet.

      • I can relate to that. I often indulged myself with the thought that I might have some drops of English blood running though my veins. I must have taken this from my father, who was classy and so phlegmatic 🙂
        Anyway, I once had an affair with a Swiss man here in France. He was Choirmaster at Rouen Cathedral but he… kind of broke my heart prior to moving back to Switzerland. That is life.
        I understand the timing is a bit early in the season, as well as the hard work. But should you have some before-and-after pictures of gardens you rearranged, please share your talents with us.

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