4 thoughts on “Nicholas II

  1. Even more handsome and classy than his cousin King George V who shamefully did not accepted to host the imperial family as refugees. The rest is bloody history.

  2. I recall that the British royal family didn’t offer the Romanovs asylum because they feared it might help ignite a revolution against the upper/ruling class in the UK. But what I don’t recall is why they didn’t seek asylum elsewhere. I know the Romanovs didn’t really think they’d be arrested and certainly not killed so part of their tragic death is on them for being so haughty and stupid. They could have fled earlier if they took the Bolshevik threat seriously, but they didn’t. And yes, Nicholas was one handsome dude!

    • They were raised by fools, to be reigning fools themselves.
      And I agree, it is a pity that such a beautiful family (which they were) had to be slaughtered. The Bolsheviks gave them a one and only chance at saving their lives through the English way, which was eventually denied by king George himself on sole behalf of public opinion – how sad and pitiful.
      I guess we all bear our own family’s burden.

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