7,000,000 HITS

At some point today while I’m out at work this blog will blow past the seven million hit mark. And that blows me away that so many people have found my little corner of the internet from all over the world, with many repeat daily visitors. Glad you’re enjoying my daily selections of random photos. Although I’m aware that most of you come here for the never ending photo parade of hot, shirtless men I hope you also find some of the other images of art, history, old Hollywood, etc. interesting as well. I’ll keep posting if you keep coming! Let me rephrase that. Oh, never mind. Happy Gay Pride Month and happy day after the Montreal Canadiens eliminated the Toronto Maple Leafs from the NHL playoffs!!

3 thoughts on “7,000,000 HITS

  1. Hi!
    I’ve been visiting your site for several years now. True, the guys are delicious, but I also enjoy the images of European and Russian royalty. This is an interest I’ve had for many years. Also, it looks like you live in coastal Maine. I’m thinking of retiring there; most people go south to that end but that’s just not for me. I like the changing seasons and even the cold weather. Thanks! Huston

    • Hey Huston! Thanks for being a regular visitor! I’ve noticed the top non-model photos I post are those of artwork or old European royalty. I abhor monarchy but I share your fascination with the royalty of old. Yes, I live in coastal Maine and it’s absolutely great. The big secret is that the coast is actually not that cold in winter (when you here about super low temps in Maine they’re way up north near Canada) and half the times the snow just turns to rain. The coast is also the liberal part of the state and is very gay-friendly.

  2. The beefcake aside, the posts for me are often the start of a landscape art history lesson before descending into the dark depths of the language mines. Can’t complain: steady work pays the bills.

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