I’m in a major crunch period at work (14 hour days…) and watching hockey playoffs at night or falling asleep from exhaustion so posting is temporarily a little sporadic. I should be able to resume posting tomorrow on a regular basis again.


  1. I’m sure most of us understand totally. Anyway, we have over a decade’s worth of archives to admire, all only a tap or click away. Rest up!

    • Yeah, no this is crunch time at work. No resting for a while! But I should be able to get back to posting again daily.

  2. I myself have just been ‘away from the Net’ for fifteen days for other reasons. I am glad yours is that you are kept busy by the job you love. Us people can wait.
    (as long as you come back 🙂

  3. Don’t worry, I’m not disappearing – just peaking out at work these days. The hard part is over – building fences, preparing gardens, going over to the US mainland to buy plants for days. Now I have to put all the plants in the ground as quickly as possible!

    • Let me guess: spring is all over the place and some people think they can order a flourishing garden in a snap, when they should have thought about it at least last autumn?
      You may want to offer them a peony plant. It could teach some of them that beauty in the garden takes a bit of time, whilst being so rewarding 🙂

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