3 thoughts on “SWIMWEAR MODELS (Click on this title to go to a gallery of 16 photos)

  1. I’m really getting tired of all this facial hair. Hoping the trend ends one of these days. I think it’s just an excuse to not have to shave every day. It adds years to all their lives in a field where youth is important.

  2. Sorry, disagree completely. A well-groomed beard/’stache is part of self care. A kiss without a moustache is like an egg without salt, said the actress to the archbishop.

  3. I prefer men with (well groomed) facial hair. But everyone has their own tastes. I don’t think facial hair is a trend or a fad, there will always be a large contingent of men who prefer to have facial hair. I have a stache – partially because I think it helps balance my face, partially because I think it’s attractive (though not sure how many others feel that way), and because when I’ve shaved above my lip it just feels weird & tender.

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