So today is the 12th anniversary of when I created this blog, though I’ve only been doing it in its daily posting format for like the last 6 or 7 (?) years. Today is also the birthday of my older brother, to whom this blog is dedicated. He died in the 1990s from HIV related illnesses. Not a day goes by without him crossing my mind at some point. He sure blazed a path through Boston & NYC and to this day, decades later, he still has many friends and admirers who remember him vividly and miss him dearly. He was definitely one of those hard-to-forget personalities – a raging diva and perfectionist with a heart of gold. I’ve posted some of his modeling photos in the past but this year I decided to post a picture of him how I knew him. Thanks for being my guardian angel, brother.

10 thoughts on “BLOG ANNIVERSARY

  1. I believe in the idea that a person still lives on as long as there are people to remember them. And the way you speak of your brother the world sure misses many more people like him.
    Thank you Matthew for sharing your fond memory of him.

    • His spirit sure does live on – he touched a lot of a people and left an indelible impression. He was way more outgoing and charismatic than me, though I’m no shrinking violet by any means I’m just fairly laid back.

  2. Matthew,

    Wow…so sad. I am so sorry to hear / read this. Your brother’s fun personality comes out in this photo. He is so handsome and has a cool style. I am 54 and remember the 90s and the scary impact of HIV has played in my life.

    Sending you warm thoughts from California. Hope you visit the West Coast one day soon! Let me know when you do.

    Leo Medeiros


    • Hey Leo! Nice to hear from you again and to see that you’re still visiting this site. I’m glad we both survived the 80s & 90s but I often think about those who didn’t make it. Remembering my brother gives me strength more than sadness, such was the love we shared a testament to the lasting legacy of his 10,000 megawatt personality. Would love to meet you sometime. I may use one of my free plane tickets (once I feel it truly is safe to fly again) to go see lots of acquaintances and cousins in San Francisco. Not sure which part of California you’re in but I have no connections to LA at all. If you subscribe to this site I can get your email from that and can contact you privately. Stay well, the current virus crisis is nothing to be trifled with either!

  3. Matthew,
    Such an awesome tribute you do in memory of you brother. As the earlier comment stated, we keep our loved ones and friends alive in our hearts and minds. You brother was a handsome man, and I am sure as you say his persona enveloped those he came in contact with. I too am like Leo in that I am in my 50’s and we were all greatly impacted by this terrible disease. Too many beautiful people have been lost over the years to HIV/Aids. Hugs and Comfort to you and thanks for doing what you do!


    • Yeah, the HIV/AIDS hit me as close to home as it could. Not sure how I escaped, given my level of sexual activity back then, but I was a little younger, a little more careful, and it wasn’t quite as prevalent in Montreal as it was in NYC where he lived. But to this day there is a whole generation of gay men a little older than me that is just gone. I keep those who died in my heart every day.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your brother. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m so sorry for your loss. The AIDS crisis of the 80’s and 90’s was truly a scary time. No cure, no medications–watching loved ones succumb to the disease as we hoped and prayed they might miraculouly pull through and overcome the odds. Hugs and love from Seattle.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog. I always look forward to seeing your fabulous posts. Eventually I’ll get through your archives and see it all.

    • Thanks, Reed, glad you’re enjoying this blog. Yeah, the 80s & 90s were terrifying and heart breaking times as far as the AIDS crisis went. No one who was a young gay adult back then came out of it without haunting memories. And then fast forward to present day and people whining and refusing to take a vax for a highly transmissible virus – and I just want to slap them.

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