3 thoughts on “MODELS WEARING SWEATPANTS (Click on this title to go to a gallery of 15 photos)

  1. Hi and Happy Anniversary!! While I love your posts, this is about the least sexy I’ve ever seen! I just don’t find sweatpants alluring… I’ll stick with Speedos and denim, thank you! keep up the fantastic work. I visit every single day. cheers!

    • Glad you are enjoying the blog. Sorry that models in sweatpants don’t do anything for you but… but if you think these posts are about the clothes then you may be missing something.

  2. Hi. This gallery was interesting as well as different apart from the ‘tracky dacs’. The backgrounds were unusual and artistic – like leaning against some street art. Still some great bods, and model #12 also had a classic film star face – to launch a thousand admirers!

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