This is the beautiful city of Mariupol, Ukraine. As it used to be a few weeks ago. Russian forces have now all but leveled the entire city in order to extract a surrender. I’m surprised that Putin hasn’t shut off Russia’s internet connection to the outside world yet so before he does I’d like to address the Russian visitors to this site. Russia is now a pariah state (in the shit club with N. Korea & Iran) because of Putin’s attack on and destruction of peaceful Ukraine. You are considered non-gratis in many countries, a cruel dictatorship that limits the freedoms of its people, and your military is considered as war criminals. Russian forces are killing civilians, blowing up residential areas, and targeting civilian infrastructure such as schools & hospitals. So many Ukrainians are dying in this dirty war of aggression. And thousands of Russian soldiers too. Your military is leveling whole villages and cities. You will be isolated physically and economically for many years to come from the rest of the developed world and other areas. And you will likely never hold Ukraine – the people will resist forever and, for good reason, hate and distrust Russia more than ever. There will be no winner in this war. It must stop. Russians need to rise up, which I realize is perilous given the police state you live in, and start a second revolution to rid of you of your oligarch overlords that have stolen all of Russia’s wealth and impoverished you and your country – and made Russia today comparable in many ways to Stalin’s Soviet Union or Hitler’s Germany. No one wants World War. Russia has so many amazing assets – both human talent and natural resources – but they will never reach their full potential under the current regime. Time for change!