5 thoughts on “MODEL JOHNNY BRONCO

  1. Johnny’s quite a physical specimen alright, but being so openly “gay for pay” is a slap in the face to those of us who physically can’t make that choice. I would rather he claimed that he was Bisexual than constantly claiming that he is straight. I found one of his videos, and he comes off as uninvolved when he goes through the motions of male to male sex. Such a shame in these confusing times.


    • I have no idea who he is or how he identifies his sexuality. But if he has gay sex, even if only when paid, then in my book he’s bisexual.

      • There lots of reasons people don’t accept and admit their sexuality. All I know is that when I’ve had sex with guys who swear they are straight they sure seemed gay while I had my dick in their ass.

      • Another very popular “Gay for Pay” star is Jimmy Clay. He is considered as one of the hottest Bottoms in gay porn. I sure agree. How about putting these two stars together. That would seem more authentic to me, and have their girlfriends operating the cameras. Then let them confess that they are multi-sexual.

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