5 thoughts on “Ornate dining room

    • I’m not sure where it is and couldn’t find it with google image search. It’s not the Crillon though, I’ve been there and although it’s very swanky it’s not as ornate in the way this place is, it’s a different style.

      • Many thanks. I saw that same image a few weeks ago but I cannot recall where or where this ornate restaurant is. It’s a bit too OTT for most Brits.

      • OK, I think I may have identified it as “Le Train Bleu” restaurant at the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris.

      • Many thanks for that. I had expected the restaurant to be within a grand hotel, but not a railway station, even one serving the luxury Blue Train. London’s Waterloo Station’s “best restaurants” are a grotty Costa and Starbucks, but then most Brits have no sense of haute cuisine and are too mean to pay. In contrast, several years ago the magnificent Baccarat museum in Paris served a grand lunch at 105 euros basic plus booze and tips per person!

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