Not sure why this site has been attracting so many Russian viewers these last few days but I have a message for you to give your leaders: Get the fuck out of Ukraine you murdering, savage bastards.

One thought on “SLAVA UKRAINI

  1. Hi Matthew. As a man who loves Nature and, despite its many flaws, humankind too, I relate to your aversion towards what’s going on in Ukraine and the shame that lies upon the Russian soldiers. Still I think that the actual perpetuators of the crime are way above those soldiers’ pay grade. Were these guys sent on the field even taught the basics of education? Obviously not. Does it stand as an excuse for their exactions? Probably not, but for most of them their background may show as just indoctrination.
    For a “savage” is but a non educated person, just as these cannon fodders are but the means to a ‘man’ hiding himself into his bunker.

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