Funeral procession, 1800s

I’m going to a burial and memorial service today for the elderly matriarch of a prosperous family I used to be quite close to and was welcomed as member of for years. She died last winter so a lot of the grieving has passed. Besides her laughter (and drinking!) I will always remember her for her ability to smile widely as she eviscerated someone she didn’t like and then let out a cackle which signaled “I’m done with you”.

2 thoughts on “Funeral procession, 1800s

  1. By the short depiction you made of that acquaintance of yours I can already tell that Iā€™d have loved meeting her. Seeing her sipping her drink on a terrace must have been quite concerning for any of the locals passing by šŸ™‚

    • She was quite a character. They are a very close family so I always saw her at (their) family events, but I am friends with two of her daughters. She was known for her sharp tongue, but always with that big grin on her face.

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