Quick photo I took with my phone during work the other day

Not pictured is the like $25,000 worth of landscaping and gardening work I’ve done for this client (all of it behind me but the sailboat over there was cute). I’ll post some pictures of some of my work but right now most of it is still “in progress”, speeding to completion.

4 thoughts on “Quick photo I took with my phone during work the other day

  1. Matthew, I envy you your landscaping location. That must have been one extensive job! I landscape in the desert, so we suffer from a lack of sailing ships. Nice picture. Looking forward to the landscaping.

    • Landscaping in the desert must be a challenge! Though landscaping on an island with brutal winter winds, lots of wild critters to attack things, the logistical nightmare of getting everything out to an island, and – in most places – not a whole lot of soil also is problematic.

    • I’ve converted a few clients’ lawns into moss lawns. It looks pretty cool, especially when moist and in early morning or late afternoon sun. I don’t have to mow them but I do line trim out any weeds. And it’s always green!

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