Though I post pictures of models on horses, in a barn, or as cowboys the truth of the matter is that you won’t ever catch me on or near any barnyard animals (horses, goats, sheep, etc.) as the smell of them absolutely revolts me. I’ve only been on a horse twice in my life – once as a child riding a pony in a park in Paris (there’s a photo of me in sheer disgust and terror) and once in Arizona to go down into the Grand Canyon and it was like 100F/40C and rattlesnakes and flies and the stench of the horse. I vomited.

One thought on “MODELS WITH HORSES

  1. An 88 year old Aunt of mine loves Donkeys !! So the family have arranged a trip to a local donkey sanctuary for her to feed and pet one, for her birthday in early August. LOL I have no fear of them coming from living on a farm in my teenage years !!

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