1. One of my first thoughts: Where might I have seen this ‘guy’ before? Oh, right, it was either on the Acropolis or in the British Museum — that ‘Classical recline’ (and an echo of the Narcissus story). Anyway, Matthew, I hope you’ve been able to enjoy some/most of the summer, although the weather of late on the East Coast sounds especially warm. Still, living near the ocean must help you all to mitigate the heat. Stay cool and, whenever necessary, wet!

    • Thanks, Ned. Living on an island off the coast does have its advantages – not quite as hot out here. We’ve only had a couple of days above 90F/30C so far but it’s been just below that for a long while. By the time the heat of summer hits I’m basically just watering gardens, most physical labor done. Not a fan of high temperatures!

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